USC Cardiovascular MedicineUSC Cardiovascular Medicine

Duties: Web site design and development, web copywriting and editing, marketing research, web multimedia editing and conversion.

Over the course of a year, the Cardiovascular Medicine web site evolved from a relatively small site to a multidisciplinary, multi-divisional project, expanding to include a Women's Cardiovascular Center, a Body Computing event web site, and a comprehensive Patient Education area.

To optimize efficiency, we created, at the beginning, a wireframe mockup of the entire site. The wireframe included all the text content and medical graphics, as well as links to the various areas and web pages, that the USC staff could review and revise. Having a wireframe layout allowed content to be moved around, tested, deleted, and combined if necessary. Only when all the sections had been reviewed and approved did we go ahead and design the visual environment, adding the graphical “skin” to the skeleton only after the framework was established. This kept production costs down and allowed USC to focus its allotted budget on developing additional content.





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