USC Department of Cardiothoracic SurgeryUSC Cardiothoracic Surgery

Duties: Web design, development, illustration, content research, writing & editing, brochure & promotional design, search engine optimization.

One of the most comprehensive projects in our portfolio. The web site includes subsections such as the Patient Guides, Robotic Surgery Institute, Research and Clinical Trials divisions, and fellowship information for future residents. Web work includes visual design, layout and coding, custom medical illustrations and diagrams, and search engine optimization.

Because its many pages are ranked high on search engine lists, many of its visitors often don't visit the home page first, instead going from a search engine listing directly to a specific web page that discusses a disease or treatment method. Knowing this, we designed the web site for quick and easy access to its many areas, using the search feature quite extensively.

In addition to web-specific work, we also work alongside USC staff to research, write and edit medical content, provide physicians with supportive visual material for their live presentations, act as online representatives to communicate with other hospitals and medical professionals regarding web content.

Our relationship with USC extends beyond the web to include print material, such as creating custom invitation cards for special events, designing one- and multi-page brochures and handouts, supportive patient guide pamphlets, newspaper and magazine advertisements.

By continually working with healthcare professionals since 1997, we have developed a medical fluency that allows us to more easily communicate and understand physicians, hospitals and caregivers.





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